Tired of old Poa? Renovation with new bentgrass cultivars can improve playing quality, turfgrass reliability and consistency. 

About Us

Magic Valley Bentgrass was formed in 2007 as a provider of premium creeping bentgrass sod for the golf and sports turf industry in North America.  The company was founded by former USGA Green Section senior agronomist Matt Nelson and long time southern Idaho agricultural producer Pat Borchard.  As a contributing author to the USGA Green Section Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction, Nelson recognizes the importance of proper root zone selection and management for bentgrass sod production for putting green use.  Magic Valley Bentgrass employs carefully selected root zone sand and optimal management protocols during grow-in to ensure rapid and successful establishment at the client’s site and premium playing quality soon after installation.  These elements differentiate Magic Valley Bentgrass as a leading source of quality putting green sod.

Magic Valley Bentgrass is located in the high desert of Southern Idaho just west of Twin Falls.  Warm, sunny days and cool nights during the growing season provide ideal conditions for producing creeping bentgrass sod.  The cold winters prepare turf for relocation to tough sites across the Rocky Mountain West and beyond.  The Snake River provides excellent irrigation water quality and the implementation of modern putting green management techniques results in unrivaled turf quality and a source of sod that golf course superintendents, owners and sports turf managers can depend on.

Magic Valley Bentgrass has perfected shipment techniques to ensure quality turf can be delivered across North America without agronomic issues.  Magic Valley Bentgrass has shipped numerous truckloads of turf to Canada and our company is versed in handling all the necessary paperwork, including the Federal Phytosanitary Export Certificate, to ensure that the export process proceeds smoothly and efficiently. 

Magic Valley Bentgrass maintains an inventory of top performing creeping bentgrass cultivars to provide an immediate source of sod, and also specializes in custom production for planned renovations or construction.  Magic Valley Bentgrass has the capability during custom production to optimize root zone compatibility with the client through refined sand specification programming – a unique benefit to promote success.